Braking resistors for urban electrical transport

A braking resistor is an important part of the electrical drive system of modern urban electrical transport, it protects the electrical equipment and grid against excess regenerative energy due to converting electric energy in the braking mode into thermal energy.
Key factors in designing and manufacturing this equipment are special requirements for electrical and mechanical load, resistance to vibration, operating safety, low maintenance and long lifetime as well as shipping limitations when placing on a vehicle.

The Penza Plant Telema Gino range of products includes braking resistors of different types (with natural and forced cooling) for underground trains, trams, trolleybuses.
Designing and manufacturing these products "PPTG", Ltd. uses the company's rich experience, cutting edge technologies, technological innovationsmaking it possible to manufacture tailor-made brakingresistors taking account of specific requirements.

Braking resistors developed and manufactured by the Penza Plant Telema Gino are installed on the CJSC "Trolza" trolleybuses, the OJSC "Managing Company of "Belcommunmash" Holding" trams, the CJSC "Stadler Minsk", JSC "Metrovagonmash" underground trains.

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