Braking resistors and low-voltage electrical equipment for traction rolling stock

Designing, manufacturing braking resistors for railway transport is the key activity of the Penza Plant Telema Gino.
The company's rich experience, using cutting edge technologies and technological innovations make it possible to manufacture tailor-made resistors taking account of specific requirements.

The company's range of products includes braking resistors for high-speed electric trains and traction rolling stock, low-voltage electrical equipment for railway transport (switches, relays, safety devices, heaters, etc.) complying with European standards and meeting the highest requirements for operational reliability.
Braking resistors manufactured by the Penza Plant Telema Gino are installed in electric trains of the new generation ES2G "Lastochka", electric freight locomotives 2ES6, 2ES10, diesel-locomotive shunters TEM18M, modern passengermain-line diesel locomotives TEP70BS.
Practically all types of both main-line diesel locomotives and diesel-locomotive shunters used on Russian railwaysare completed with low-voltage electrical equipment manufactured by "PPTG", Ltd.

Braking resistors
Low-voltage electrical equipment
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The Penza Plant Telema Gino manufactures a wide range of low-voltage electrical equipment practically for all types of bothmain-line diesel locomotives anddiesel-locomotive shunters used on Russian railways:

  • Luminous-signalfittings.
  • Rectifier units and panels.
  • Adjustment and control units.
  • Electropneumaticvalves.
  • Switches and disconnectors.
  • Sensors.
  • Power sources and supplies.
  • Detectors and signals.
  • Terminal blocks.
  • Resistors.
  • Fuse boards.
  • Resistor boards.
  • Relays.
  • Auxiliary generator voltage regulators.
  • Electromagnets.
  • Electric hot plates.
  • Plug-typed extension cords.