Harmonic filter (damping) resistors

Damping resistors are a class of resistors designed for limiting current in the electrical circuit and/or for avoiding current or voltage increase beyond the preset limits. In particular, the resistors used in filter circuits are considered damping ones.
The filters containing damping resistors are used for avoiding negative effects on the grid of power systems due to high harmonics created by load.
The resistive elements of the filters are manufactured on the basis of steel grid resistors.For this purpose, the required number of elements are assembled to form one or several packages and are installed in one or several mounting frames depending on the insulation required for the system voltage.
The mounting frames are installed on base insulators of the appropriate voltage level without a casing or in a casing – depending on the required protection rating.

The resistors are tailor-made upon the customer's request. Theresistor specification depends on the parameters of the grid and the filter compensating device.