Braking, starting resistors for mining and cement industry

Safe starting and braking of machine and mechanism electric motors are important in the technological complex of mining and processing companies.
Electrical equipment used in these industries is subject to permanent overloads as well as to aggressive environmental attacks (dust, vibration, atmospheric precipitation) and must ensure high performance and consistency of operation.
The Penza Plant Telema Gino offers high-performance durable solutions for starting and braking electric motors practically maintenance-free and maximally meeting the customer's demands:
  • braking resistors for rock handlers;
  • liquid starters for mills, grinders;
  • oil starters for powerful pumps, ventilators, mills, grinders, belt conveyors, mixers, centrifuges.

Starting resistors
Braking resistors for rock handlers
Powerful ventilators, pumps, mills, grinders are actuated by a wound-rotor induction motor.
Starting current of a wound-rotor induction motor without a starting resistor may exceed itsrated current by factor of 7, which may impair the mains supply.
To provide smooth increase of starting current and the motor shaft torque, starting resistors are used. "PPTG", Ltd. develops and manufactures liquid and oil starting resistorsessential in severe applications, which are noted for low cost of service and high operational reliability.

More products

"PPTG" Ltd. develops and manufactures braking resistors for the largest state-of-the-art trucks – rock handlers with a diesel-electric drive used all over the world in extreme conditions of quarrying.
The brake power required for stopping a rock handler with a fully loaded body weighing more than 560 tonnes that is moving at the speed of 60 km/h is about 4,500 kW.
The active part of the braking resistor with such power is based on resistive units made from steel ribbon and arranged in units the number of which determines the resistor rating. Resistors have forcedcooling.
The resistors are tailor-made upon the customer's request.