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Constituting of enterprise «PZTP» CJSC

In the framework of the conversion programme and by joint resolution of the Ministry of Defense Industry of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Railways of the Russian Federation, PZTP CJSC has commenced the manufacture of electrical equipment for diesel locomotives, electric locomotives, electric trains and track machines
Establishment of Penza Plant Telema Gino jointly with Telema S.p.A. (Italy) and GINO AG (Germany)
Development of a unique braking resistor for the new-generation ES2G Electric Train "Swallow"

Creation of braking resistors unit for the Project 22220 Nuclear Icebreaker

Building a braking resistor for the new-generation subway electric train manufactured by Stadler Minsk CJSC (Belarus)
Building braking resistors unit for the Project 23550 Universal Ice-class Patrol Ship of the Arctic zone
Michele Fornari
Owner and President of TELEMA GROUP
Mario Fornari
Owner and General director
Michael Hahn
General director GINO AG
Akimov Dmitry
General director of LLC "PPTG"
Braking resistor with forced cooling
Braking resistor with natural cooling
Braking resistor with forced cooling
Since its creation TELEMA has always dedicated all its resources, - personnel, investment, research & development – to the technical improvement
of its products of which the TELEMA group is the world largest specialist manufacturer: power resistors for railways and industrial applications.

Through its companies operating in Europe, North America, China, Australia and India, TELEMA Group is close to its customers directly in their local markets; this helps to ensure support in the local language, the possible localization of the products, as well as in-depth knowledge of the applications and technical characteristics of products designed to these markets.

TELEMA can design and offer to its customers - from the world best known railway companies, such as ALSTOM Transport, BOMBARDIER, HITACHI, MITSUBISHI, TOSHIBA, SIEMENS, to the electrical engineering companies like ABB, ALSTOM, AREVA, SCHNEIDER, the large "utilities" like ENEL and EDF, and several engineering companies – any type of resistors, ranging from the simplest to the most complex, from small crane starting/braking resistors to the multi-megawatt force-ventilated braking resistor for high speed trains.

Every product is extensively tested and examined, specifically the ones for railways applications, in our on-site test laboratory which, unique in our business sector, is equipped to perform even Shock & Vibration tests according to the main international standards.

Жидкостный пусковой резистор
Пусковой резистор с масляным охлаждением
Жидкостный пусковой резистор с дополнительным радиатором охлаждения
GINO AG Elektrotechnische Fabrik – is a leading global producer of resistors for industrial and transportation applications, which relies on more than half a century experience and extensive use of the latest technology and technical innovation.

Own production facilities in Russia (plant in Penza), in Germany (plants in the cities of Bonn and Eisenach) and in China (plant in Shanghai) allow us to provide the production on an industrial scale, and constantly open new areas of application.

Depending on the resistors application field for their production are used different materials of different systems, allowing maximizing the physical properties of materials (cast iron resistors, steel resistors, wire-wound resistors, ribbon resistors). High power resistors made by GINO AG can find
the possibility of application in all industries.

By technical parameters produced by GINO resistors can be divided into starting, braking, load and test resistors, also
on the plant have been produced ground neutral resistors , damping resistors, discharge resistors (for batteries, inductors, capacitors), variable resistors (for rheostats) and resistors for special purpose (for example, resistors for uninterrupted power supply), designed for different power classes.

An important place is occupied by load resistors – tool for maintenance and energy sources protection (for example, resistors power plants turbines). You will also be able to buy a load module (there is a possibility of load module renting).

Machine shop
In this shop it is carried the manufacture
of parts on universal lathe machines, CNC lathe machines with the possibility of milling, milling, threading machines, lathes 2 spindle semiautomatic machines, milling four-axis machining centers.
Automatic shop
Automatic shop includes more than 100 units
of modern equipment, including automatic longitudinal turning; turning
and revolving automatic machines; spring making machines. The works on preparation of bar material for processing are carried out on automatic machines, namely cutting, calibration, centerless grinding of materials.
Galvanic shop
The shop consists of 4 mechanized galvanic lines made in Germany. The lines provide the possibility of tin-bismuth coating, chemical oxidation, chemical passivation, zinc with chromating, anodic oxidation, chemical nickel.
Woodworking shop
One of the most important shops of plant, despite the fact that it is not directly related for products.
The shop produces high-quality wooden packaging for own needs of the plant, as well as and for sale. Thanks to the quality of packaging the plant products can be delivered to the customer
without damages.
Laser cutting sector
Our plant uses a laser cutting machine Trumpf Trumatic L3030 (4 kW), which allows cutting metals and alloys (cutting thickness of ferrous metals 20mm, stainless steel 10mm, aluminum alloys 5mm).
Technical characteristics of the machine:
• laser power 4 KW
• work table 3000 x 1500
* cutting thickness of materials up to 20mm

The Central plant testing laboratory is equipped with a number of test equipment, which allows
to work in the following areas:
• biochemical analysis
• metallographic analysis
Production and technological capabilities allow
us to carry out the full range of works related
to the development, production and warranty service of devices.