Contactors are single-pole or multipole devices serving for switching dc and ac power circuits and providing safe electric arc quenching in the process of their operation.

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Contactors of R series
Contactors of КE series

By the type of application the contactors of the R series can be both normally closed (NC) and normally opened (NO).
The contactors of the R series, with a different number of pole contacts and their shape (contactors with NC + NO contacts), are used to control power circuits: up to 1000 V alternating-current (AC) and 1500 V direct-current (DC). These contactors are completed from standard components, which makes it possible to promptly develop the devices according to the customer's order.
The contactorsof the R series are designed for heavy-duty service, in the fields where application of standard equipment is limited.
The bus contactors of the R series are made in accordance with the standard IEC 60947. They include a full line of modular contactors:

  • for switching currents from 60 to 5000A;
  • for switching currents at the voltage of up to 1000 V (for alternating current) and up to 1500 V (for direct current).
The product design allows:

  • combining NO and NC contactors in one device;
  • controlling power circuits with different types of current (alternating and direct current) in one device;
  • adjusting various combinations of micro-switches (auxiliary contacts) for viewing the contactor operation on control panels and signalling equipment.
The contactors of the R series comply with special requirements for controlling electrical equipment of up to 5000 A with additional requirements for ensuring improved reliability while distributing electrical energy for the majority of fields of application:

  • hydroelectric power plants, solar power engineering facilities;
  • charging stations and batteries;
  • mining industry;
  • railwayequipmentand rolling stock;
  • induction furnaces;
  • pumping stations;
  • bridge cranes.
The contactors are tailor-made upon the customer's request.

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