Loading and testing modules

Loading modules are devices used for performance testing of current power supplies (generators, batteries, uninterruptible power supplies). The loading modules allow simulating electrical load for the power supply being tested. Herewith, using the loading module one can both test power supplies and create ballast. The ballast resistor allows creating additional load for power supplies to reach the rated power if they are underloaded, which allows making the generators lifetime longer.
The resistive elements of the loading modules are made from stainless steel strips.
The product configuration depends on such parameters as the power (from several kilowatts to several tens of megawatts), the voltage level of the power supply.
The customer may also choose the required number of loading steps.
There is an option to manufacture the loading modules with natural and forced cooling.
The casing protection rating is IP00, IP20, IP23 и IP54 – in the disabled state during transportation and storage.

The modules are tailor-made upon the customer's request.