Resistors, contactors, loading and testing modules for power industry

Every year modern power industry raises standards for electrical equipment performance and reliability, its power efficiency. Fossil fuel resources are decreasing and energy need is increasing. In these conditions renewable energy plays a more and more important role in our world. Wind turbines and solar power systems are becoming more and more widely spread.

The Penza Plant Telema Gino, using the company's rich experience, flexible design system, cutting edge technologies and innovations, offers reliable tailor-made high-tech solutions for different spheres of power industry (power plants and substations, solar energy facilities, hydraulic power stations, wind industry).

Neutral grounding resistors
Harmonic filter (damping) resistors
Loading and testing modules
Discharge resistors
The neutral grounding resistors are designed for neutral grounding of 6-35 kV gridsto limit overvoltage incase ofline-to-ground short circuits (LGSC), to eliminate ferroresonant phenomena and to provide selective operation of relay protection.

The neutral grounding resistor consists of resistive units based on steel grids fastened inside a steel case. The resistor active part is insulated from the case by insulators rated at the preset voltage. There is an option to manufacture cases with protection ratings IP00, IP01, IP20, IP21, IP23, IP54, IP55 and other optional case design styles.

The Penza Plant Telema Gino has developed a separate range of neutral grounding resistors for PJSC "ROSSETI" facilities. These resistors are designed for connecting the 6-20 kV transformer neutral point to the ground,to limit overvoltage in case of line-to-ground short circuits, to provide reliable selective operation of relay protection against short circuits. Lifetime of these resistors is not less than 30 years.
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Damping resistors are a class of resistors designed for limiting current in the electrical circuit and/or for avoiding current or voltage increase beyond the preset limits. In particular, the resistors used in filter circuits are considered damping ones.
The filters containing damping resistors are used for avoiding negative effects on the grid of power systems due to high harmonics created by load.
The resistive elements of the filters are manufactured on the basis of steel grid resistors.For this purpose, the required number of elements are assembled to form one or several packages and are installed in one or several mounting frames depending on the insulation required for the system voltage.
The mounting frames are installed on base insulators of the appropriate voltage level without a casing or in a casing – depending on the required protection rating.

The resistors are tailor-made upon the customer's request. Theresistor specification depends on the parameters of the grid and the filter compensating device.

Loading modules are devices used for performance testing of current power supplies (generators, batteries, uninterruptible power supplies). The loading modules allow simulating electrical load for the power supply being tested. Herewith, using the loading module one can both test power supplies and create ballast. The ballast resistor allows creating additional load for power supplies to reach the rated power if they are underloaded, which allows making the generators lifetime longer.
The resistive elements of the loading modules are made from stainless steel strips.
The product configuration depends on such parameters as the power (from several kilowatts to several tens of megawatts), the voltage level of the power supply.
The customer may also choose the required number of loading steps.
There is an option to manufacture the loading modules with natural and forced cooling.
The casing protection rating is IP00, IP20, IP23 и IP54 – in the disabled state during transportation and storage.

The modules are tailor-made upon the customer's request.

Discharge resistors maybe used both for discharging batteries (resistance for UPS) and for discharging inductive and capacitive loads.
In particular, the system of discharge resistors provides a fully automated process of checking batteries forming a complete report on the unit state (when discharging the discharge current drops along with the battery voltage, which requires resistance adjustment performed in our product automatically). To avoid damages due to deep discharge, the system of discharge resistorsautomatically disconnects the battery load. The test is carried out at the ambient temperature with almost continuous discharge current until the preset final discharge voltage is reached.

The resistors are tailor-made upon the customer's request.

Contactors are single-pole or multipole devices serving for switching dc and ac power circuits and providing safe electric arc quenching in the process of their operation.
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