"PPTG", Ltd. shipped electrical equipment for largest project of renewable energy in Russia within Polar circle

"PPTG", Ltd. shipped the neutral grounding resistor for the Kolskaya wind farm, the wind facilitiesofthe company PJSC "Enel Russia" located in the Murmansk oblast,with the installed capacity of 201 MW.
The resistors manufactured by "PPTG", Ltd. will ensure more reliable operation ofelectrical equipment insulation, will eliminate arc overvoltages as well as damage of instrument transformers due to ferroresonant processes, will diminish probability of electric traumas thanks to practically instantaneous selective shutdown of the damaged section.

At the moment the Kolskaya wind farm is the largest wind facility under construction within the Polar circle. It is being built by Enel Green Power, a subsidiary of Enel Group, in charge of development, construction and functioning of renewable energy source facilities all over the world. The wind farm will be able to generate about 750 GWha yearavoiding discharge of c. 600tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. It will be equipped with 57 turbines and will occupy the total area of 257 hectares.
The Kolskaya wind farm will be put into operation at the end of 2021.