Neutral grounding resistor designed by "PPTG", Ltd. will ensure safer operation of Azov windfarm

"PPTG", Ltd. shipped the neutral grounding resistor (NGR) for the Azov windfarm. The NGR will ensure selective shutdown of the grid section where line-to-ground short circuit took place as well as protection against overvoltage of the wind farm grid equipment.

TheAzov wind farm is the first one of such a scale in Russia, its output will be 90 MW. The windfarm will be located in the Azov district of the Rostov oblast.
Upon completion of the construction, the wind farm will be able to generate about 320 GWh a year avoiding discharge of c. 250,000 tonnes ofcarbon dioxide into the atmosphere. It will be equipped with26 turbines and will occupy the total area of 133 hectares.
The project of constructing the Azov wind farm is being implemented by the company "Enel Russia". Thewindfarmisgoingtobeputinto service in the current year.